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Here at Chevrolet, we understand the responsibilities of being a parent. Teen Driver Technology is an available built-in system that helps keep your family safe even when you’re not there.

Teen Driver’s Features:

  • Muted audio system until front passenger seat belts are fastened
  • Setting maximum limit for audio volume
  • Limiting vehicle speed to 85 mph
  • Audible speed warning between 40 mph to 75 mph
  • Stability control, front/rear park assistance, side blind zone alert, forward collision alert activated

Teen Driver is simple to set up. Through Chevrolet MyLink, the system is accessed with a PIN number and a registered key, specific for the teen. Whenever this key is employed, all specified settings are enabled or disabled. At any time, parents can access a report on their teen’s driving and use it as a teaching toolbar to fix those bad habits.

In-Vehicle Driver’s Report includes:

  • Distance driven
  • Maximum speed reached
  • Overspeed warnings
  • Wide open throttle
  • Forward collision alerts
  • Forward collision avoidance braking
  • Traction control

This software has been put into play to encourage safe driving and help novice drivers gain confidence behind the wheel. Chevy is the only car company to offer Teen Driver Technology with an in-vehicle report on the majority of its models.

Check out Teen Driver Technology for more information.


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